ZX Spectrum Next SD Card Distribution Images for CSpect, ZEsarUX and real machines
Support Files for ZX Spectrum Next Pixel Artists

CSpect 2.10.1 screenshot

ZESARUX 8 screenshot

This page contains the current Official ZX Spectrum Next Software distributions in SD card image form for use with #CSpect, ZEsarUX and real ZX Spectrum Next boards.


Current versions

System/Next 1.3.2
NextZXOS 2.06H
Firmware 1.29b


Also included are empty SD Card images you can use as second SD cards in #CSpect. Read the #CSpect documentation in http://www.cspect.org for details

There are 7 (NEW!) different images of the distribution in 32Megabyte, 128Megabyte, 512Megabyte, 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb and 16Gb sizes and similarly for the empty SD Cards. The images are named for #Cspect while the smaller than 2Gb sizes arehowever specifically for the 32Megabyte one, the name is tbblue.mmc as it's the default for ZEsarUX

Since these images serve the needs of #CSpect, ZEsarUX users as well as ZX Spectrum Next board owners, the zip files below contain BOTH the image file and the two Next ROM files required by #CSpect to operate. These two files namely: enNextZX.rom and enNxtMMC.rom -MUST- be placed in the root folder of your #CSpect installation. They are useless to ZX Spectrum Next board/machine users and can be safely deleted.

Users of Windows machines can write the images onto real SD cards by using Win32 Disk Imager which you can download here. Unix/Linux machine users can write the images back to SD Cards using dd or similar tool.

For the convenience of #CSpect users you can also find the openal32.dll file (all machines) as well as its installer (windows machines only), otherwise you will need to start #CSpect with the -sound switch to disable sound output. For non-windows users you will need also need a recent version of mono. Refer to the #CSpect documentation for details.



Next distribution 32Mb SD Card Image

Next distribution 128Mb SD Card Image

Next distribution 512Mb SD Card Image

Next distribution 2Gb SD Card Image

Next distribution 4Gb SD Card Image

Next distribution 8Gb SD Card Image

Next distribution 16Gb SD Card Image


Empty 32Mb SD Card Image

Empty 128Mb SD Card Image

Empty 512Mb SD Card Image

Empty 2Gb SD Card Image

Empty 4Gb SD Card Image

Empty 8Gb SD Card Image

Empty 16Gb SD Card Image


Support Files for ZX Spectrum Next Pixel Artists

For Pixel Artists, Hobbyists and tinkerers, I'm including some files below that hopefully will make your life easier regarding the use of colour on the ZX Spectrum Next. The list will grow to include my own WASPtools (a graphics converter, sprite editor, palette editor and tilemap manipulator) among other info and documents straight from the ZX Spectrum Next manual and various info I've published over the last couple of years.


Support Files for ZX Spectrum Next Pixel Artists

Photoshop .ACO file containing ALL 512 of Next's colours

Note: This ACO file contains 512 colours expressed as 24bit triplets (RGB) which will then have to be converted to the proper RGB333 indexed file + palette combo for the ZX Spectrum Next to load them -OR- loaded from one of the available tools in the distribution (e.g. Jim Bagley's .bmpload). The equivalent values are described in the excel document below.

ZX Spectrum Next 512 colour model conversion chart (in .xlsx format)




Copyrights - Acknowledgements

ZX Spectrum Next is © SpecNext Ltd. NextZXOS and NextZXOS MMC ROM files are © Garry Lancaster. #CSpect is © Mike Dailly.
ZEsarUX is © César Hernández Bañó. TBBlue is © Victor Trucco and Fabio Belavenuto.
.ACO and .XLSX files included herewith as well as this page in its entirety are © Phoebus R Dokos